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CANTINA CATRINA LLC, domiciled at Dadeland Mall 7535 N Kendall Dr. Suite 2570 (2nd level terrace dining) Miami FL 33156, subscribes to this privacy notice in compliance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter the “Law”).
The personal data you (hereinafter “the Owner”) have provided to ADM (hereinafter “the Manager”) directly, or through electronic means, has been collected and will be processed by ADM under the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and accountability, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.
ADM may collect sensitive personal data based on the service or product purchased by the Owner. The data we collect are: name, private home address, and telephone number. In some cases, we are also provided with e-mail and data relating to the payment of our services and products such as the Federal Taxpayer’s Registry code and tax domicile. This data is essential for the provision of our services and billing, as applicable, and will be processed solely for the purposes set out in this Notice.
ADM informs you that the personal data provided by the Owner will be used for (i) purposes of identification and contact, (ii) to make sales of products sold by ADM, (iii) the sending and delivery of products ordered, (iv) for billing purposes, (v) to register you as a customer, (vi) to address your complaints, clarifications and suggestions and general compliance with the obligations arising by reason of our legal relationship with you, as well as to serve you efficiently.
In addition, we can use the Owner’s information for other purposes such as (i) to provide you with information about our products and services, (ii) to understand your consumer history and preferences for our products and services, (iii) to improve our customer service and the quality of our products, (iv) to promote our products and services, (v) to provide you with products, services, promotions and discounts, and (vi) to invite you to participate in events, raffles and quizzes organized by ADM and its selected suppliers, and with regard to these, you may limit the use and disclosure of personal data that you provide to us under the terms outlined below in this Privacy Notice. In the case of home orders, random telephone conversations may be recorded for service quality purposes.
Sometimes we may transfer your data to suppliers for the purposes of billing, quality assessment, and for following up on complaints and suggestions, market research, and promotional campaigns, or equally to offer you new products and promotions. Similarly, this data may be transferred to third parties, whether individuals or companies, domestic or abroad, solely in order to fulfill the purposes specified in this Notice.
Based on Articles 36 and 37 of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, the data can be transferred lawfully for the purposes set out in this notice to:
a) Our subsidiary companies, affiliates, members, and/or controllers within national territory or abroad;
b) Managers responsible for customer care and research related to the provision of our services and products; and
c) Third parties such as marketing agencies that work with us to provide our products and services to you, under the terms established by the Law.
When the Owner provides their personal data, whether through our website, electronically, by telephone, or directly at our stores, it is understood that the Owner acknowledges and agrees that they have read and granted their consent to the terms of this Notice, therefore the Owner declares their express consent to having their personal data processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice.
Under no circumstances will we market, sell or hire out personal information about the Owner to third parties without their prior consent.
The personal data provided to us by the Owner may be gathered together and stored on one or more databases in fulfillment of the purposes indicated in this Notice.
Personal data provided to ADM will be properly protected through technological, physical and administrative security measures, preventing its improper use or disclosure. We also demand that our service providers, subsidiaries, members and related companies comply with these measures.
The person responsible for the management and administration of personal data is: CANTINA CATRINA LLC, domiciled at Dadeland Mall 7535 N Kendall Dr. Suite 2570 (2nd level terrace dining) Miami FL 33156 Owner may at any time revoke the consent they have given to ADM for the handling of their personal data, limit its use or disclosure, as well as exercise their rights, established under the Law, of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (hereafter “ARCO Rights”). To exercise your ARCO rights you must fill out the application form that can be requested via e-mail from and submit it electronically to the same e-mail address.
This request must include at least: (i) your full name, (ii) indicates whether the application is submitted in person or via a representative, (iii) your address, (iv) your telephone, (v) indicate whether you agree that we can notify you regarding your request to the email address you have provided, (vi) a clear and precise description of the personal data over which you seek to exercise any of the ARCO rights, (vii) where relevant, your express declaration revoking your consent to the processing of your Data, (viii) any other element that facilitates the location of your Data (date you're provided the Data to us, store, transaction identification number, person who served you, areas involved and other information from your purchase receipt) and (ix) documents proving your identity and/or legal status with power of attorney.
Remember that to process your request in accordance with the Law, you should prove your identity or legal status in advance by personal attendance, presenting the original and copy of your official identification and/or power of attorney.
When submitting requests for Access and Rectification, and if you live outside the Federal District, you can apply electronically, attaching a scanned copy of your official identification and/or power of attorney, and await our response with instructions on how to proceed. Likewise, the Owner guarantees that the data provided is reliable, accurate and complete, they are therefore liable for any losses or damages arising from identity falsification or impersonation.
In the case of rectification requests, you must attach the documents supporting the request and the specific data you wish to modify. The original and copy documents must be submitted for comparison.
The rest of the procedure will be processed in accordance with the deadlines and stages established by the Law.
If you no longer want us to send you information about our products and/or services or you want to choose to limit the use, transfer or disclosure of your Data, please send your request to the email address:
We do not provide services to minors, nor do we accept service requests from them. Consequently, we do not knowingly set up or retain data records for minors. However, if we discover we have received Data or personal information from a person who indicates that he or she is a minor, or anyone else who we have reason to believe is a minor, we will cancel this Data under the terms established by law.
In case the minor is fraudulently posing as an adult, he/she will be subject to any type of liabilities that may apply. We ask parents to supervise their children while online or when making telephone calls.
This privacy notice may be modified or updated by ADM unilaterally, informing the Owner of such changes through its website.

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